Dyslexia Tuition London

Understanding Dyslexia with Dyslexia Tutor London

The Specialist Tutoring Company is more than a team of dyslexia tutors. Our dedicated professionals, including SENDCOs, SEN teachers, and subject specialists, are fully qualified to provide comprehensive support.

Unraveling Dyslexia: A Lifelong Learning Difference

Dyslexia Explained: Dyslexia is a prevalent learning difficulty affecting reading, writing, and spelling skills. Unlike a learning disability, dyslexia is unrelated to intelligence, showcasing strengths in areas such as creativity and problem-solving. Despite its lifelong nature, early intervention by trained specialists proves crucial for overcoming specific learning difficulties.

Navigating Dyslexia: Signs and Challenges

Signs of Dyslexia: Approximately 10% of the UK population grapples with dyslexia. Early indications often surface when a child embarks on learning to read and write. Individuals with dyslexia may also contend with additional conditions like dyscalculia and ADD/ADHD.

Dyslexia Tuition London

Empowering Through Education: The Role of Dyslexia Tuition in London

Dyslexia Tutoring Excellence:At The Specialist Tutoring Company, we employ cutting-edge techniques and technologies to support learners with dyslexia and other difficulties. Our qualified dyslexia tutors instil confidence, making learning a rewarding experience. Lessons, conducted at home or online, offer flexibility.

Bridging Academic Gaps: Specialist Dyslexia Tuition in London.

Tutoring for Diverse Needs:Specialist Tutoring extends beyond dyslexia, addressing ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and autistic spectrum disorders. Our expert tutors ensure dyslexic pupils access the full curriculum, reaching their academic potential.

Dyslexia Tuition London

Tailored Support: Dyslexia Tutors in London's - Our Approach

Holistic Learning Support: Our dyslexia tutors provide tailored support for children, offering learning support, study skills, and SEN tuition. From formal assessments with educational psychologists to informal specialist teacher assessments, we design effective study plans for various ages and abilities.

Building Confidence: Overcoming Challenges

Positive Outcomes: Concerns about a struggling child coping with extra lessons at home are addressed through open communication. Our Dyslexia Tutors in London explore strengths and weaknesses, aiming for productive outcomes. Our warm and experienced team excels in building self-confidence and fostering positive attitudes towards learning.

Dyslexia Tuition London

Collaboration and Flexibility: Dyslexia Tuition in London - Our Commitment

Partnership with Schools: Our dyslexia teachers collaborate with school SENDCOs and offer full homeschooling support when needed. Recognizing the emotional challenges many children face, we approach each learning journey with care, dedication, and a commitment to positive outcomes.

Dyslexia Tuition London


What Our Clients Say

Hugo has settled well with Sarah in his lessons, she is friendly, approachable and has taken an interest in Hugo’s interests and personality. This has made the sessions more engaging and enjoyable from Hugo’s point of view and we can see that Hugo is being challenged and encouraged. We are hoping this will soon be evident in his confidence in essay and answers at school!

Incredibly diligent, and always spends additional time explaining and sending additional resources to support learning!