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Our Fees

Take a look at the fees we charge for our services.


One off registration fee - £60

Specialist one to one tutoring online - from £80 p/hr

Specialist one to one tutoring in person - from £95 p/hr

Specialist teacher assessment - Assessments from £250, including formal diagnosis of dyslexia from £500

Educational Psychologist assessment and report - Assessments including formal diagnosis specific learning difficulty from £800

Educational Consultancy

Consultancy £350 per hour
Assessments for school eligibility including standardised tests £600
Interview technique practice and feedback £210
Full school search service and placement £3950

Private Tuition London


What Our Clients Say

Vicky has worked with my daughter for a year to support her with the challenges she faces with her learning. Vicky is extremely personable, patient and kind. My daughter feels safe and comfortable working with Vicky. She instils confidence and self-belief through her teaching methods. Vicky helped prepare my daughter in Year 6 for going on to her chosen school and has been instrumental in supporting her outside of the classroom to ensure she reaches her full potential at school. We are very fortunate to have found Vicky and would highly recommend her to any family looking for a specialist tutor.

Abi M

It's been an absolute privilege having Justin as my son's tutor! From the very first session he was very professional, knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. Justin has a great bank of teaching techniques. My son has absolutely loved being taught by Justin! The challenges brought by dyslexia (and, sadly, failure to a certain extent by the educational system) made my son's learning and English GCSE preparation very, very difficult. My son has now gained knowledge and confidence - to me, his parent, that's priceless!! We are massively grateful for Justin's time and endless effort. He's a person of integrity. I give Justin my highest recommendation

Subject: EFL, Outcome: Entry to independent School for September 2015
Our Client needed a good Tutor desperately for their two children after moving from China to the UK permanently. The young boy (William) aged 8 had failed three entry assessments for local independent schools when they arrived at Easter. His English level and confidence was low. The boy reacted brilliantly to Justin's tuition and has come a long way in a short time. In less than two months Justin has turned William around and he has just passed a second chance entry assessment at one of the very good schools he previously failed at. Thank you Justin!